Bittorrent (Free) Client 7.9.2 Crashing On Startup

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Hello to the troubleshooting community!

I had a problem with bittorrent that appeared within the last few days where it would randomly crash whenever I attempted to do, well, anything really. When it first started I was downloading a rather large file (30+GB) and it crashed when the DL was 98% complete. I then had a nighmare of a time trying to get it going again as many times I started up the application it would crash during the 'recheck'. I eventually managed to get it to finish by starting it up and not interracting with the window a single time while the check, then download finished. It seemed that the more i did with the window (checking DL speed, file completion, etc) the more likely I'd get a nasty surprise. 

I have uninstalled then reinstalled Bittorrent, and still no luck. I also deleted the settings.dat and settings_old.dat from the %appdata% folder and still nothing. Now pretty much whenever I start up Bittorrent it dies instantly. Please advise!



Win 7 Home Premium 64bit

3.8GHz quad core AMD CPU

12GB 1333MHz RAM (don't complain, I have 4 slots and two 2gb and two 4gb both in dual channel so it's perfectly fine)

C:\ 500GB 7200RPM HDD

M:\ 2TB 7200RPM HDD*


*most of my torrents I install go to my M:\ 2TB 7200RPM drive unless they are small as I have less than 100GB free on C: now. Also, no I don't have 15 HDDs I just used EasyBCD to rename it M: for Media. The one Im currently trying to download is going to be in users/downloads on the C: drive


UPDATE: I use Bittorrent mostly because having stuck with it without issue for a long time I have gotten used to it, I like the amount of info you can get and how easy it is to adjust what you can see, and back when I used uTorrent I found that my ISP would deliberately slow my home internet connection due to torrent downloads

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EXACT same problem overnight.  Everything was working fine, downloading some files and this morning program wasn't running.  I can only briefly get it to run, no more than 30 seconds, then off it goes.  No anti virus installed, even turned off firewall.  Running Vista, no updated installed since days before problem showed up.

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Random crashes over the last 2 weeks seems to be getting worse. I recently cleared out a bunch of old torrents but still having issues. Client will crash and relaunch losing window size but seems to resume active downloads. Also for a few weeks there is no #1 Download position. Every DL I start, starts as #2 and up. I can rearrange to #1 and reorder them but after they are all done or I add new it thinks there is one more then there is. To be clear have 4 torrents they start at 2,3,4,5 I can reorder to 1,2,3,4 if I add one it starts at 6, no #5 will be showing.

Running free client 7.9.2

Core i7-4700HQ

Win 8.1



Is there a way to rebuild and or reset Bit torrent? Maybe clear out old setting or cache? Any troubleshoot fixes or tests?

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