Won't Stay On A Specific Tab

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How can I get my Bittorrent client to stay on the Speed tab?

Every time I bring it up from the task bar or add a new .torrent it has changed to the Info tab.

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Try this:

Switch to another tab, then close BitTorrent (File>Exit).

Only when BitTorrent has exited (check in Task Manager), relaunch it.

Switch to your preferred Tab and minimise BitTorrent. Now add a torrent or maximise it. Did that help?



If not, it's possible the gui.last_overview_tab setting (found only in settings.dat file) is/has become corrupt.


Does starting off with an empty settings.dat file fix the problem for you? It should do :)

The file settings.dat is normally found in BitTorrent's application data folder.


Exit BitTorrent first.

Back up both settings.dat & settings.dat.old first - either move them to another folder, or zip/rar them both then delete them.

To create an empty settings.dat file, simply create a text document and name it settings.dat (with .dat being the file extension).

It's worth pointing out that using an empty settings.dat file will lose all your customisations hence backing them up.

Launch BitTorrent. Is Speed tab being remembered correctly now?

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I selected the Speed tab then exited Bittorrent and relaunched the program as suggested then I removed last week's episode of a show then added this week's episode.

I will let you know if this fixed it after it has finished downloading :)


EDIT: So far this seems to have worked.

I will bookmark this thread for future reference in case I have other similar problems.

Thanks a million for your advice. *high-5* :D

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UPDATE: That fix didn't seem to work.

I maximized it from tray and it's back on the Info tab. :(

The file(s) you mentioned might be corrupt as you had described.

I will backup the files to try the other suggestion and give that a shot.

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