How To Revert Back To Previous Build

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How do I revert back to previous build of bittorrent without losing the torrents already downloading and scheduled? I don't want to redo them all. Some are huge torrents that has been running for days (slooooow dsl you see) with one that has been running for 2 weeks already!


Since 'Upgrading' to 7.9.2 build 34026 I have some issues. Running bittorrent between 12pm and 6am and since installing build 34026 no amount of slamming the mouse or jumping on the keyboard can bring the computer back to life in the morning. Have to switch it off and on again and then sit through the whole checking of each torrent before I can see what finished during the night.


I have a previous build (7.9.2 build 33498) setup file. Nothing else has changed on the computer except if something installed without my knowledge. Use the computer solely for bittorrent.


Is this possible?

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Is this possible?


Try this...


First make sure BitTorrent is not running, so exit the program.


Go into the installation folder where BitTorrent.exe resides (runs from) and rename it BitTorrent.exe.bak (or whatever).

Copy & paste your earlier version into this folder and rename it BitTorrent.exe

Then launch BitTorrent.

Depending on your set up, BitTorrent will either go through the install process (asking you to downgrade), or the program will launch immediately.

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