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What About Distributing Podcasts ?

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I have been tempted already few times to do the move in silence.


would that be politically correct ?


at the moment I host and stream my podcast at the The Archive that provides also a torrent option btw.


what is the official line from the torrent house ?


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signs of time ... I posted the question about using the bundles to distribute podcasts (mixtapes of music in my case) and I am amazed to see that this post is still in the front page of this abandoned forum ... more than 400 views and not a single answer ..


but I have been answered ... long time ago ! ... I cannot use the bundles to distribute my podcast ( I dont know if this rule applyes to anyone elses since I never been notified about anything ) ...

after uploading 15 mixtapes I tried to publish them ... and they never become publicly available ... I never recieved any formal (or informal) notice from anyone of the staff here about the reason why they couldnt be published .. since I successfully published many bundles of my own music projects I assume that I didnt do anything wrong (technically) .. apart of having my podcasts flagged as copyrighted material by some copyright robot software ( I assume ! ) ..

I could go further assuming that could have been flagged by B.A.C.O.N. (Bulk Automated Claiming on The Orchard Network) .. the copyright bot of SONY / IODA / The Orchard .. which crawls from YouTube to SoundCloud arassing hundreds of ppl ... has been getting closer (even friendly ) with SONY especially after SONY got hacked .. and I read somewhere that SONY was even considering to buy the BitTorrent company, intelligence and technology ..


of course it must be silly cospiracy theory by a paranoid naif like myself .. LOL

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