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Problems With Stable Download Speed...


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Hey there.


I am having issues with my bittorent client or so. When i start a new torrent, download speed climbs up even to 20 mbs/s and more. But after a few minutes, it decreases to around 1-3 mbs/s. How come? Why won't it stay at at least 10 mbs/s? Is there a way to fix it?


My internet speed is 100 mbps/s at downloads, and same at upload.


Here's a link for my speedtest.


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At higher speed, disk subsystems (at all layers) start to become the major performance issue.

The random write seek speed of most drives ends up being low enough that other stages need to adjust to attempt to keep up. Those stages have a hard time doing so before their own backlog fills.

It's not an easy thing to fix.

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It's more than just the hard drive.

It's the hard drive controller and portions of the operating system.

The combination of things will cause speeds to degrade primarily because of random seek times.

Faster hard drives sometimes only have faster sequential read and write while having slower random.

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