Blue Screen When Using Bittorrent

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I've recently started having major problems with Bittorrent. 

After opening the program, I receive a blue screen ('dumping physical memory...'). This can happen anytime after opening the program, sometimes 1 minute after, sometimes 2 hours after. 


I checked on the forum for solutions, and this is what I've tried so far: 

- uninstalled Spyware-doctor 

- updated my adapter driver 

- tried different versions of bittorrent

- disabled AVG (now i turned it back on)


All of this didn't work. 


Does anyone know what else  I can do? 


I am using windows 7, with AVG antivirus.




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I assume the problem is with internet security software (never had problems before installing one a week ago). 


I already uninstall the program (Spydoctor and Spybot search and destroy). Only other program I have left at the moment is windows firewall and AVG antivirus. Is it possible that Spyware docotr/spybot S&D changed something in the settings of my computer, that was left after uninstalling them?

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I restored my computer to an older date, deleted AVG, installed Microsoft security essentials...

and it still crashes ( blue screen, same one)

Any other ideas what can I try? 

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I believe I have solved a similar issue w/ this client and it's constant on-going updated bug fixes. I have had this same problem after installing the latest release on windows 8.1. I do not use an anti-virus program nor an internet security suite. I only rely on the system firewall and it's window defender app that works just as good, if not better than other software developers who manipulate pc users to buy junk-ware bloated security software products for personal profit. After doing some personal research, monitoring my system, and studying if in fact other installed software on my system while running w/ this client was causing that mysterious "blue-screen-of-death" which crashed my system and then causing it to automatically reboot after so many matter of delayed minutes. This was not 'my' problem at all. In addition to my default system security used I have been using a program for quite some time that works just as good with this client installed; the popular, Mal-ware Bytes prgm.  Anti-malware software does not interrupt this p2p client causing it to crash. I also use a VPN to help in port forwarding my traffic. "Port forwarding" is very important when using this type of client. After opening the options/preference menu in Bit Torrent client I scrolled down to Bit Torrent tab, and under Protocol Encryption the tick box marking the "Allow incoming legacy connections" was checked. After unchecking this box and selecting the Forced outgoing encryption protocol my system remains stable while these settings are carefully configured w/ 'my vpn service provider. As of now, this client no longer crashes my system after running for a minute or two later. I strongly suggest to any one who reads this post and has PIA VPN installed on their personal computer to first try this for yourself and see if it works. Please keep in mind, this appears to fix my problem on windows 8.1 pro 64 bit system.  And also, under the connection tab in the client's option window the "Port used for incoming connections" under the Listening Port feature, Users of vpn clients must enter the forwarding port from the vpn client into bit torrent configuration window making sure to uncheck the "Randomize port each start" tick box selection before entering the port number into their p2p client. Hope this helps any one having similar issues w/ this software program. ;)

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