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Bittorrent Won't Stop Seeding


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Wondering if anyone can help me with this.


My bittorrent wont follow the seeding goal rule most of the time anymore.

This never used to be a problem, seems to have crept up on me in the new year.

It seems as soon as my computer restarts the seeding rules have not changed, but torrents won't stop seeding anymore.

Changing the setting seems to only work if I change the limit speed to something else, apply, then back to zero, apply.

I've ran the program as admin to change the setting, no difference in behaviour.


Picture of my settings, as you can see a couple torrents have gone higher than my seeding rules define.


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That particular torrent hasn't reached your seeding goal yet.


The first torrent is as of yet, unrelated to my problem . . . until it reaches 200% share ratio, then it either stops, or just keeps going until I manually stop it.

The other torrents were all under the same rules, and yet they didn't all stop at 200% automatically.

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