Bit Defender Sees Plethora Of Virus In Maelstrom

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I have installed Malestrom about 2 weeks ago. I had Windows Defender detecting several malwares and trojan. Since I had also installed other softwares at about the same time I couldn't find out exactly where was the weakness, but I could see Chrome was the vector. So I made Firefox my main browser and installed Bit Defender. This morning Bit Defender found a plethora of threats coming from Maelstrom, it desinfected the .exe and .lnk and more than 30 files in the subfolders C:\users\myaccount\appdata\local\maelstrom\user data and then:

- extension state

- local extension state

- sync app settings

- history provider cache

- evwhitelist

- managed extension settings

- file system

- default\bookmarks

I can send the zip of this \user data folder to the dev team.

So, is Maelstrom considered a virus or is it an entry door to virus and trojan as soon as we start using it?


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Guest robv

Thanks for the feedback. I'm looking into this and can't reproduce the results you've mentioned here with BitDefender. What version of Windows are you running? Could you provide any additional information, perhaps screenshots of the results of the scan?

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Hi, it's a bit too late now, Maelstrom has been uninstalled and Bit Defender has run several complete scans since then because as you can imagine after having had so many threats I was in paranoid mode for a few days. Seems the system is clean now. I may be willing to reinstall Maelstrom to see how Bit Defender reacts, but I had another problem with Maelstrom: every time I would try to set up a proxy (I'm using Torguard), using the Maelstrom settings, I could not stream any magnet, Maelstrom would connect to anything, which is kind of defeating the purpose of Maelstrom.

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