How cache server getting local private ip?

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Hello Sir,

there is a question in my mind searching for 2 month in the internet but never get a answer of it. please help me to know the answer of my question.

we have small ISP network and setup a torrent cache server provided by a company which working so nicely. but the system is very costly so we want to implement the same thing to save some money so that we can provide more cheap internet service to our client.

they have setup a Private IP route in our core route route to 103.xx.XX.103

103.xx.XX.103 is cache server ip and also added those private ip to the server to

my question how client are getting private ip at the time of downloading and uploading the torrent? check the image of the torrent client

they are not using local peer discovery protocol. the IP are coming from a tracker which is added to a magnet link whenever client download the torrent they get peer from private ip 

The idea of cache is very simple they are using multiple libtorrent instances to save thousands of torrent in the server

requesting you to solve my question 

thank you

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