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Ok, before I start Im gonna go out on a wing and say that Im assuming Bittorrent is the source of this problem as I have nothing else installed that could be the source....


So anyway, recently I was installing a game via a torrent and noticed an alert saying "storage space running out". this was odd as a week ago I had 100gb remaining. After inspecting what was clogging up my hdd I found a tonne, (See picture), of ads that had been downloaded countless times.


After scrolling through and thinking it over, I realised that these were the same ads that bittorrent would often play when I was torrenting.

Id understand if there was like 1, maybe 3 of each ad but im talking thousands of each, each ad at 4 mb(ish) and about 30 different ads, it starts to get ridiculous the more I look into it.



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