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Bittorrent won't upload at all [also difficulty in downloading]

Guest Kevin

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I'm currently using BitTorrent 7.6.1. I've noticed since about 2 weeks ago things have gone wrong here.

Since 2 weeks ago, BitTorrent takes a long time to connect to the peers/trackers. As a result, it takes time before the seed and peer numbers appear and the torrent starts downloading. Usually it takes between 5-10 minutes but sometimes it can take up to an hour to connect.

After that, uploads are sluggish - BitTorrent shows I'm connected to the peers but no uploads at all. Occasionally seeding is enabled up to about an hour before it suddenly diminishes. Sometimes it's so bad the seeding status becomes red.

I don't think the problem is in the connection, as downloads rarely fails and the status is always green. Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance.

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