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BitTorrent Surf - Common Solutions and Known Issues

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Guest rockett

Hello, and thanks for trying BitTorrent Surf!

Here are some answers to the common questions we've received about Surf. For other issues or any discussion of BitTorrent Surf, please feel free to start a new thread in the General Discussion or the Troubleshooting subforums.

Windows 8 Support

Windows 8 installation is supported only under windows 7 compatibility mode for Chrome. The procedure for installing Surf in Windows 8 has been outlined on our blog.

Chromium Support

Chromium OS is not supported… yet.

What is Torque?

Torque is the "engine" for Surf. To learn more about Torque check out our blog post.

This extension needs network connectivity to function. Please accept all alerts granting access to Torque if you wish Surf to work properly.

Default folder

This setting is available from the options drop down in the downloads pane:



The OS window for selecting a new downloads folder may pop behind the browser window in some cases.

Torrent file view

The ability to browse the files contained in a torrent during download or selecting some files for download and not others will be available in the Beta release of Surf which is coming soon.

Torrent file type association (default client)

Currently Surf (through Torque) associates torrent files to Surf by default. This can pose problems for users just testing the application out who already use multiple clients.

Follow these steps to temporarily turn off Surf association:

1) Disable Surf from the Extension page in Chrome:


2) Kill the "Torque" process in the Mac Activity Monitor or the Windows Task Manager.

3) Re-associate torrent files in any other torrent client.

Default torrent client settings will be exposed in the Beta to make this process easier.

Uninstalling Surf

For those users not satisfied with the functionality presented in Surf or would rather wait for a more feature rich Beta and want to uninstall the extension, follow these steps.

1) In Windows and Mac – Disable the Surf extension first.

2 Windows) Uninstall Torque from the add/remove software dialog.

2 Mac) Open a terminal:

cd ~/Library/Application\Support

rm -rf Torque*

In the Beta, users will only need to disable & uninstall the extension from chrome.

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