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  1. Something caused your system to not save the resume state properly. You're basically going to have to re-load all the torrents (they might be found in %appdata%\bittorrent)

    Thank you for your quick reply! Yes, I found them, but how should I re-load them? Some of them were partially downloaded and others were entirely downloaded. What should I do, can you be more specific and comprehensive?

  2. Hello! My terminological english is not even satisfactory but I will try and explain my problem.

    I've been downloading torrents (through magnet) for 2 or 3 years now and all the files that I planned to download were listed in BitTorrent, I had 300+ not downloaded and 150+ downloaded torrents. And today when I turned on my computer, BitTorrent started like it always does, but it was empty- there wasn't even 1 torrent left. I hope you can help!!!