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  1. I'm thinking of buying external hard disk bcuz my laptop doesn't enough space to keep the torrents files that are still seeding. Can I move them to the external hard disk and continue seeding as usual?
  2. My laptop hard disk doesn't have much space anymore. So I want to move the video and torrents to other folders but continue seeding the same torrents from a different folder. I want to do the same once I buy external hard disk. Can I do that and how to do it?
  3. how can i do that? can i send them a msg thru facebook or twitter? and frm BT, frm under the TORRENTS, it some kind like tab or something called ACTIVE. what does it mean?
  4. Currently I'm still seeding the torrents. Is it possible for me to move the completed files while the torrents are seeding to a specific folder?