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  1. I receive this error (http error 403 downloading the plus package failed) every time I start my BitTorrent. My subscription for BitTorrent Plus does not need to be renewed for another 13 days. I would appreciate any help fixing this. Thanks, Nanny
  2. I have BitTorrent 7.8, build 29626 [32 bit] I have been using BitTorrent for some time now. Everything worked really well until today. I am not very computer literate so I ask you to please be patient with me. I restarted my computer this morning to refresh everything and when I went to BitTorrent it shows 0 completed files. I have many in my folder but they are not in the program. I would like to share what I have downloaded but need your help. I went to my settings and re-established the file connection to my C:\Users\Public\Documents\Bitorrent completed downloads (It was already there but I thought doing it again might help?) Nothing happened. Any help would be appreciated.