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  1. BT 40912 is crashing again and again this morning. Every few minutes to half an hour. I will attach the latest crash log saved. In Windows XP x64 SP2 (Server 2003). Well, ain't that a kick in the pants? I am not allowed to upload "this kind of file" meaning your crash dump. It is YOUR CRASH DUMP, but your system will not accept it. Please explain this nonsense. Anyway, here is the link for the crash dump in my Dropbox:
  2. BitTorrent needs a batch move function urgently. If I have a directory full of files that are still in process, and if I want or need to move that directory and its content to another location on that drive or to another drive, I can select all the files but each file prompts for the destination individually. If there are fifty files that can result in a total pain in the ass. BitTorrent should know that when multiple files are selected, all those files are being moved to the same place and act accordingly. Or, if it cannot be made that smart, at least put a check box or radio button on the destination prompt to say move all subsequent files to this location. Having to go through an entire directory tree for each of dozens of files is frustration to the point of wanting to punch the developer in the mouth for making it so pointlessly difficult.
  3. Sometimes the advertisements in the free version suddenly start playing sound out of nowhere in the background and it's driving me nuts. I can't figure out where the sound is coming from and I'm blaming the web page I'm looking at at the time. How do I keep the ads from piping up sound all of a sudden? I just kill the client to shut it up. I don't have money to bribe you to stop pestering me with ads (it is kind of blackmail, isn't it? You get money either way, from the advertiser or from me, depending on how much abuse I'm willing to take. That's torture and blackmail.) If the ads keep piping up the sound I'm just going to delete bittorrent and screw everyone who was downloading from me. I'm tired and I don't care.
  4. If I could have back all the time BitTorrent spends "not responding" I could probably live for another hundred years. And the worst part is it causes all the other programs that are running to stop responding. Eventually it starts responding again, maybe after a few agonizing minutes or more, but what the hey? Why does it go through this? What is it doing that is so important that it basically has to put a contention lock on the whole computer? I see this is not an uncommon problem. Is there a common cause? Or maybe a treatment?
  5. You picked a nearly unreadable font for your forum. The topics come up half gray and the characters are so skinny that half the letters have pieces missing. It's like trying to read a faded newspaper underwater in a poorly lit room. Please consider using some common sense, stop being so artsy-fartsy and modernistic, and just use a regular Courier or such type font of a decent width that the verticals on the letters don't fade to nothing on a white screen. Really, it is a migraine headache trying to read your forum. I've had more fun in surgery.
  6. Thanks for replying. I have made a RAR of the eleven crash logs generated while trying to get 7.9.1 to work. The RAR is available at since it and each of the dump files exceed the attachment size limit. I still use Windows XP x64 in this computer because of peripheral hardware that does not nor ever will have drivers for a newer operating system. Replacing that perfectly functioning hardware and buying a Windows 7 license for this computer will total over $1000, which is spending a lot of money to fix something that isn't broken. It sounds too much like planned obsolescence to me. I have a Windows 7 laptop that I use for other purposes. If worse comes to worse I will either switch my file sharing to that, or, if I don't feel like keeping a computer running all the time, I can simply stop sharing files.
  7. BT upgraded from 7.8.1 to 7.9.1 and now crashes continuously a minute or more after a restart. It tries to send a crash report but says HTTPSendReport failed. I'm going to have to downgrade to 7.8.1 if this keeps up. I've already renamed settings.dat and allowed it to reform. The crashing continues. Running Windows XP x64. Now that I have looked over your site, I see that previous versions are not available for download. So your upgrade has ended my P2P. Please let me know how to fix this or provide me with a link to 7.8.1 so I can get back to business. I found the "updates" subdirectory and was able to retrograde to 7.8.1_30332. BT is running stably again and has not crashed for several minutes. I am going to avoid any upgrade until you can report that the 7.9.1 problem has been solved, or if you wish me to upgrade and collect data for you to help evaluate the problem. I also have eleven crash reports on disk that apparently were not sent. If you want them, let me know where to send them. Thanks.