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  1. Just fired up my BT client, 7.9.9.something version, AVAST popped up and bam, deleted bittorrent.exe :/ I'm gonna try v7.10 now and see what happens.
  2. ummmm... or you just do what I wrote and opt out "manually".
  3. well, maybe until the next update. But, if I can use BT for free all this years and it has been working flawlessly all that time, I don't mind downloading program or two that I'll never use, or actually fully download, just to support the development. So I'm ok, as long you have some option to opt out without spending money.
  4. the solution is fairly retarded 1. For Connectify - click Instant Download and it will add to your queue Connectify 2. Right click on that Connectify torrent and remove it completely 3. Then it will be BT LIVE, also Instant Download, also it will be in your queue. Remove it as well. 4. Now it will say that they don't have more ads, click ond the small boxed X and you're golden :DDD