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  1. I was having the same problem with BT 'not responding' when downloading. It would become extremely non-responsive almost the instant it started downloading yet an OS process like firefox worked fine. The problem turned out to be zonealarms firewall so thought I'd post it here to let people know a possible solution since this post pops up on the top of google. I'd recently swapped my old DELL 2400 downloads machine to a DELL 3100, which offers better performance. Then I started getting the same problem as many above and probably many more who haven't posted. The fact I had changed machines sent me on a bit of a wild goose chase as it turned out to be unrelated to the hardware, both were running XP SP3. My old machine had an older zonealarms version that im guessing goes about things differently to the latest version I installed on the new downloads PC. After disabling zonelarms the difference was immediate, BT is now running very responsively. Fortunately I have a spare machine for downloads so disabling the firewall isn't a big deal but may not be wise for some. I tried limiting global connections, number of active torrents, port forwarding, etc and even different clients but none of them had an effect so I'm fairly convinced there's some bad blood between zonealarms (or firewalls in general) and BT. Going to mess around with some settting and stuff to see if I can keep ZA running but have it opened up for BT.