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  1. Windows 10 decided to update while i was using the pc, ( i didnt know it was updating at the time) the pc froze i couldnt use the mouse etc so i crashed the pcif i ever see Bill gates i will begin punching himon restart windows finished updating then i saw bittorrent has lost all torrents ! i went to c\users\user\appdata\roaming\bittorent which shows the .torrent files so at least i can see what files i used to have downloading/uploadingsome online advice said right click into resume.dat properties and restore to previous version to find that you type %appdata% in searchbox of win10 , after search finishes click the folder it finds if it takes you to c\users\user\appdata\roaming it means your files are still there but theyre hiddenclick view and check the box hidden item i was told but i dont see any view thing to click ! anyway if i click on c\users\user\appdata\roaming\bittorent i can see the .torrent files, some i can click and they get added to bittorent and begin downloading. but i get the message the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable when i try to add some of them or if i click on folders ive made on the hard drive that i know should be full of things eg camcorder footage so the directory is knackered ive tried running chkdsk but that says nothings wrong ! it found no errors if i re add some torrents i know id completed they start from 0% so im having to get them all again. please help me fix this the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable problem, it means it seems like ive lost entire folders of stuff even things in folders that are nothing to do with bittorent such as Camcorder videos theyre are videos on youtube etc saying " solved the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" but they all show the chkdsk method to fix this which as ive said hasnt solved it for mewould easeus data recovery software help me ? i really need to find my data that seems lostthanks
  2. i use bittorrent client, as i just removed an external hard drive windows relabelled a drive letter of another hard drive i had stuff downloading to ( bastards !! ) so i deleted the .torrent file from bittorent ( of a large tvshow torrent) to go get it again ( once id restarted pc with hard drive in another usb socket and hoping drive letter would change ) so i could carry on downloading a large filebut.. after restart bittorrent is saying the torrent your trying to add is already in the list of torrents do you want to add trackers, even if i click yes the file (tvshow series) doesnt show up in bittorrent client , i ran ccleaner incase of registry error etc , ive tried closing bittorent then restarting it but although bittorent seems to think the torrent file is still in the client it doesnt show up so no downloading can continue how do i fix this ?
  3. i just got version 7.8 build 29343 after i declined a free music track and getting the toolbar the next screen was all blank apart from saying accept or decline at the bottom , i ticked decline and bittorrent began running. the problem is ive no idea what i declined !!! what was that screen supposed to offer ? i saw no windows firewall offer was it that?? also have you fixed us needing to reinstall bittorrent after every pc restart ????
  4. problem comes back when ever i restart my pc still ..when are bittorrent's makers going to reply to me here and explain if they are aware of the bug ? also when will it be fixed ?
  5. solved ( for now ) i downloaded bittorrent version 7.7 build 28499 from to my c drive thus overwritting older version i was using ( version 7.7 build 27987) i got on 15 october , now magnet links working again hurray...but ill bet a lot of money this problem comes back..when it does ill let you all know as this has happened with utorrent and bittorrent a few times now, i really dont want to have to reinstall the client each day this " it seems like bittorent is already running but not responding , please close all bittorent processes and try again " happens , anyway for now magnet links/bittorrent working
  6. bittorrent client is not responding to magnet links every now and then i get bittorent is not responding please close it and try again when ive clicked a magnet link , this seems to happen after a pc restart , ive uninstalled all versions of vuze and utorrent so its not a conflict with another client, ive used ccleaner to remove crap , ive tried firefox and ie browser and both browsers give same message so its definately the bittorrent client acting up why does it do this ? ive closed it and tried to get torrents using magnet links about 12 times now and restarted my pc a few times and i still cant get it working again. with exactly the same set up bittorent was running fine for many days, only other thing i can think of is windows just installed a dozen updates but im sure its not that..something causes bittorent to not respond to magnet links even though its working and downloading torrents i previously added help ! thanks bittorent client wont let me add any magnet link , ive just tried about 20 different torrents magnet links and i just keep getting the same message " it seems like bittorrent is already running but not responding , please close all bittorrent processes and try again " im turning into mr angry now ! this must be some bug in the software but why it happens after days of running fine is beyond me. please help asap thanks ps im using openvpn incase that has anything to do with it.