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  1. OK, earlier versions up to current install with 64bit 7.7 on current "new" PC were working on theses shares. In fact the "old" PC is yet to be decommisioned, so could reinstall (32bit 7.6) and demonstrate it running without problem. The problem with the "V:\" drive name is NOT a Windows problem, I'm pretty sure...
  2. !?!?? You're blaming WIndows? Previous versions of BitTorrent worked fine - how would that be explained by your answer, please?
  3. BitTorrent 7.7 32bit on Win 7 64bit When using unc \\hostname\share\ or mapped network drive v:\ Client has problems. 1. UNC fails to find share: "the network name cannot be found" but if I manually select the same location, it works 2. If I use V:\ as a mapped drive, it stores to the local user's desktop in a folder named "v" !!! Any help be gratefully received Thanks