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  1. convince who McAfee or Bittorrent ??? my opinion Since the computers never give blue screen with all another progarms while with Bittorrent blue screen appeare that mean Bittorrent they should fix this issue not McAfee
  2. Harold there is any way to use McAfee with bitturrent without getting bulescreen ?
  3. thank you Harold The problem solved after McAfee uninstalled
  4. Hi All, BitTorrent causing bule Screen on diffrent times: some time I got the blusscareen after 1 min some time I got the blusscareen after 10 mins some time I got the blusscareen after 30 mins while if the program opened without downloading its never cause bule Screen. I have doubt that the issue from the Wireless card, so I up date it to leatet available driver and its the same. also i downgrade it from 7.7.2 to 7.7.0 and its the same Please help. Regards,