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  1. Why would this be the case? Using a dell laptop with speeds over 50Mbps everything is up to date. UT settings are good as used before. can anyone explain, please, why it would start at 5MB then drop rather soon?
  2. Please can anyone help me how to create a new thread in utorrent? Thank you
  3. On here I'm clearly fine, bit as my thread title says "on uTorrent"
  4. I was hoping the answer was Attempting to help me as I am still unable to post, reply or create a thread. I've looked and tried allsorts in the hope I could send you a better message that does not bother anyone due to my ignorance. Could anyone assist me here please? Thank you
  5. Are attempting to help me, mock me or ridicule me? Coz currently I'm felling the last two.
  6. Nothing goes wrong. There is no "start new thread" option anywhere or a "quote" os "respond" option either Thank you for responding
  7. Yeah nice. Clearly I am unable to do this on the utorrent site. Please advise.
  8. Please can someone explain how I can do this please? Thank you, Dvtrv