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  1. Actually, seems like bittorrent working today. Last night, I choose a torrent with alot of seeders. However, first it had the same problem with no incoming connections and decided to let it be since it was at 11.9% and quit working. Anyways, a few minutes the bubble that the torrent finished download. It appears to me that, most people could been offline at the time or something or maybe I parked my big rig in a bad section. Anyways, I do appreciate it you helping me. Thank you! Again, I'll let you know if any other issues arises. Hope that you have a great day...
  2. That's the thing... I cancel out the torrent and tried other ones but, they all consists of the same problem. "No Incoming connections". The availability status contains Red in all the other torrents as well. Also, tried "force start" but, still nothing. Do you think, I need to un-install and re-install bittorrent to see if that will fix anything or do you think it's something about the firewall settings? Btw, I have windows 7. Also, is there another program that needs to be downloaded along with bittorrent? like, other torrents program, a tracker program, etc...
  3. Oops, sorry about that dupicated comment, lol. Accidently, pressed "post" twice
  4. Second thought...the movie downloaded to 39.9& and quit working. That red/yellow indicated did turned to green until now and back to yellow.
  5. Second thought...the movie downloaded to 39.9& and quit working. That red/yellow indicated did turned to green until now and back to yellow.
  6. Unfortunately, don't have any internet security software... I bought this laptop day after Christmas and apparently it has the Norton software advertisement that pops up every startup and wants you to sign up a regstation form but, I don't trust Norton and definitely don't trust mcafee. Anyways, you were right, the firewall needed to be configured. Had to reset the default settings and use recommanded sources and now, bittorrent is working fine again but, not sure if that could be the solution. However, thanks soo much for your help and will let you know if any more issues interfers.
  7. I'm not sure where I can find that information about the internet security software...Where can I find that info? Right now, the DHT is reading 287 nodes. Also, that red indication symbol in the buttom right hand corner in Bittorrent is changed to yellow and saying "No Incomming connections" Any ideas?
  8. Downloaded Bittorrent 7.7.3 yesterday and it worked fine downladed one video. Suddenly when chose another video/movie, in the status bar...the "Downloading metadata" kept still. Then, I tried to download other movies and see if that would fix anything but, still nothing. It may just be the firefox firewall but, tried to run test on it and everything checked out. I have linksys connection, if that is helpful. In the buttom right of the screen on Bittorrent is a red indicator saying something about the firewall is limited (something like that) and clicked on it, ran connection test and so forth. Again, still nothing and "Downloading metadata" is at a stand still. Currently, I have only one movie on the torrent at the moment and going to give it a few mins or an hour or so. Anyways, any help is appreciated. Thanks