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  1. ok I got it under option go to preferences and then to advance look in the list for one that says offers.sponsored_torrents_offer_enabled. then make it false. then restart and you will no longer have that pesking Instant download. Next version guys make it easier by linkig button option in the instant download ribbon asking if we want to disable and it will do it with one cleick rather than having to go fishing for it.
  2. I am running 7.7.3 and it does not have a spons in the advance options folder. How do you disable and remove the Instant Download at the top of the bit torrent window?
  3. I would like to know where too. I searched within the forum and it only found this one mention of instant download in this thread only. How do we turn it off?
  4. It used to be available from IBlocklist for perrblock but then they stopped supplying it. and if you want it you have to pay and download it manually now to peerblock and bitorrent. I use an IP block and it has helped a lot in blocking malicioius software, trojans and other things like spam, even hackers. I also use a annitvirus program. between the two I have had less problems with viruses, trojans mal, spy and spamware getting into my computer.
  5. According to the IPBlockX people it works off the ipblock in the bitorrent program but it must be in the app file area and the ipblock must say "true" for it to use it.. it is not my only ipblock protection it is just an additional I paid for a year so I will use it until then I only have a few months left. thanks I found the app file
  6. I downloaded the new version the other day. Now I cant find where it is in my system so I can update my updated IPBlock list. where is it located on my C drive. I looked in both programs and (86X) programs and it is not in either one. I also checked my e drive incase I had loaded it there but nothing. I can't even find the icon in my start menu. It is only where my last version icon I pinned to my taskbar now. I have the .exe located on my E drive but no file in the system program files where I used to put a copy of the IPfilterX.dat file. any advice on where I can find where it is stored? I have an updated IPBlock list I want to use and can't. thanks