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  1. i run test with different location and its showing download speed is 26kb/s even i have 2 mb/s of data connection
  2. i am facing this problem again and since last two weeks and downloading speed much much slow and it won't pass 1kb/s???? i am using Bittorrent 7.7.2 ............ do you have any idea about it
  3. hi admin i run different location and it shows your internet is running good bout when i applied that settings to utorrent or bottorent the other active torrents queued and only one file is doenloaded....what is this??????
  4. how can i fix it just tell me please i am in trouble....
  5. which settings it gave? and i did it again now but its gave an error....and the error is Data send error: A local networking problem closed the connection.(10053) what its mean?
  6. i did (ctrl+g)it and result is:upload 157.3 Kbit/s (19.1 Kbit/s) Download: 288.4Kbit/s (35.2 Kbit/s) Network Results:Port is not open (you are still able to download)
  7. Aslam O Alaikum Bhai jaan i am also facing this problem but i have PTCL Broadband 2Mbp/s but since last week its make me so angry... Let's wait for it's solution
  8. i didn't do anything with Bittorrent if you can solve this so please help me sir.....
  9. hello i am suffering from this problem for last 5 days and my downloading speed on bittorrent is less than 1kb/s...??????? even i check on my down speed is 1.72 Mb/s and up speed is 0.45 Mb/s.... guys.......i am posting a image of my current bittorrent page see and tell me what it is? is that my computer problem or network problem.... regards Adnan ffff.bmp