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  1. This is no bug. If you unlimit your uploadspeed, then it will happen, that all your available upstream is used for sending data to other peers. But this means, that almost no upstream can be used for communication with other peers while upstreaming to the fullest. But torrent needs this communication to request parts for you to download. So set your upload toaybe 70-80% of your possible upspeed. Then there is some bandwidth left for requests and communication. Be warned, this is a scenario in which nobody and no other process uses your internetconnection at home
  2. if it's from the official website, at least do a full systemwide antiviruscheck. There could also be the possibility of an ad-company, which has some banners set up, which cause this message. I don't use bittorrent, so i cant't say for 100% if the ad banners are always build in ^^"
  3. seems your version is no official version and the ad-banner is trying to download some adware or viruses. completely deinstall it and install it from the official bittorrent site
  4. torrents are no direct download. so the speed may vary from zero to your maximum. depends on the peers/seeders.
  5. well all trackera timeout. either all of them are down or there are other problems: - your ISP blocks P2P - one big node between you and them is down - Your avast misbehaves and blocks them deactivate avast and try again. try the download from another PC. if that doesnt work, you could download a torrent client for your smartphone and try to connect over mobile data connection.
  6. tell us your torrent client with version, your browser, your Operating System and one example-link that doesnt work (no illegal stuff) and we see if we can help you
  7. 1. how many trackers are embedded into the torrent file? 2. how many seeds/leechers does the torrent have? 3. could the torrent just be dead? that means, it has nobody left, that is sharing it via torrent.
  8. i guess this is illegal, since most of movies are illegal over torrent that's what is called 'pirating' in the press. I am not sure we are allowed to give you information about how to watch these films (illegal). But if you don't know how torrent works, just read the wikipedia article or search the internet
  9. You could also tell us the amount of peers/seeders of the torrents that arent working. also tell us the availability please
  10. a peer is just another user that wants to download the torrent. if you both dont have any file of it already, it will stay at 0.000 . You need a seeder. without a seeder (someone who has 100% of the torrent) it is unlikely to download it. the availability MUST be 1.000 or higher. Even if it is 0.999 you will not be able to finish the torrent. If nobody is seeding the torrent, search for another tracker or a similar torrent
  11. if there are no peers, you can't download the file(s). Hope this helps you
  12. you mean bittorrent sync or normal bittorrent? downloadspeed varies because of the server. if you test your speed with some speedtest-website, then dont expect every download to always be that fast, regardless of protocoll or server
  13. Well.... i assume, since there is no answer, i don't need to hold on to eny EULA, right? Since there is no human, that is responsible for that things, i can even sell the utorrent-client, if i wish... Guys, really? I just asked that VERY simple question to EVERY mailaddress i could find, regarding bittorrent. And i haven't got ONE answer... Cheers!
  14. Well, its almost a month ago that i wote the email and no response. Ic wrote the same mail now to every mail-adress i could find in the contact-section of bittorrent. Why is there nobody answering my email? I have to say, it's a little bit annoying to ask and get NOTHING as answer... no good support here...
  15. Well, i contacted them about 1-2 weeks ago. Still got no answer. Should i write a 2nd Email to them?
  16. Hi. I've got a quick question about licensing. I want to use the utorrent-client in my company. But the EULA says: So I'm from Germany and I'm a little bit confused. So i ask here: Is a company allowed to use the free utorrent-client for its business? I would be glad, if anyone can give me a valid answer to this Thanks and best wishes spYro