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  1. I try to explain the functionality that I wish on Bittorrent Sync. I have a deposit folder (I will call it D) on a ARM platform at my home and a mobile folder (I will call it M) on a windows XP at my office netbook. When I download a file on M automatic sync update D. Supposing 'read only' functionality is on other files in D not be copied on M : this for me is very good because D is less more than 1Tb and I don't wont that is sync on M. This works fine with current feautures. I need an option that, when sync is finished, let me delete file in M and NOT sync back deletion on D keeping the file in deposit. So, my functionality may be named 'not sync delete'. Also may be useful to mark files as 'delete local files after syncing' and Bittorrent Sync delete the file.