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  1. hi there, my first post on this site, please be gentle with me. I had a look around and couldn't see anyone else with this request, if it is a double post, please let me know. I think that the title pretty much says it all. What I would like is to be able to set individual directories for software to be moved to once the torrent is complete, dependent on the label that is given. For example, when it is finished downloading, and ready to be seeded, usually it will move at all to a single directory, regardless of whether it is a movie or software or a TV series. I would like it to be able to automatically move anything that is labelled "movie" to my m:\movies\ folder, and any software to F:\programs\ and any music to my M:\music\folder - and so on, and so forth, once the current is completed downloading and ready to be seeded. hopefully, I have explained myself clearly enough for you to understand what I'm getting at.