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  1. I think you're SOL on that one. I believe once its removed from BT, BT won't allow it back. Kind of a self-protection feature. I know YOU would never want to do anything harmful....but there are some who would take a safe DL, remove it, corrupt and infect it, and then replace it, then reseed it, and get kick out of infecting unsuspecting DLers. If you want to reseed a past torrent, you'll have to upload back onto the Inet. I know you've seen entries for torrents where the numbers say Seeds 0 Leechers 0, thats from people trying to reseed "removed" torrents. Nobody DLs those entries. At least nobody with any smarts DLs those entries. You might get more than you bargained for.
  2. You can try changing your DL destination folder. Especially if you're DLing to an external HD. If there's a bad connection, you can get messages like that. Also you can check your firewall. Your firewall may be allowing incoming pieces, but not allowing outgoing pieces. Look for P2P references, in your firewall exceptions and enable them.
  3. Just curious...which drive did you want it on? Programs normally just install on drives that contain the operating system. Drives like externals can't run exe's as stand-alone drives because they don't have OS's on board. BT is a system program not a stand-alone one.
  4. One more thing; from reading you posts, it sounds like you are not watching the tabs. If you are please disregard, but remember its not always the instance where you can't upload...just as often its a problem with the peer being unable to accept your upload.
  5. Yes I've been using 7.7.2 ever since I started. (I never update any program, just because an update is available) I've never had anything that I would call a problem with 772. I've had that Queued Seeding thing happen once, but it went away by itself. However I don't keep seeding indefinitely. I eventually remove the torrents from my list. BT is the one that decides who gets what. I too, don't understsnd BT's reasoning, but I know that eventually I'll get beyond my seeding goals(Avg 5.0 to 1). If it takes 3 days or a week or 2, so be it. I have this new computer that I just got a month ago with Win7 and I'm working in "virtual" XP Mode. I'm now getting alot higher upspeeds than I ever got on my old IBM. But BT still decides which user gets what. I have been able to "wake up" some 0% uploading torrents by clicking the "stop" and then clicking the "on" commands. That seems to work. I can go from uploading 0.02kb/s to uploading 150+kb/s within 30 seconds time. I'm not breaking the sound barrier, but my normal max is 130kb/s and after the "off/on" I can go as high as 250kb/s. Most likely the queued seeding thing will go away as you add new torrents and remove old ones. And do stay with 772. I mean...there was certainly nothing wrong with 772, and there seems to be a rash of complaints about 7.8. Upgrading and updating doesn't mean just means current. Just my 2 cents worth.
  6. I don't have "Hidden" classification I have "No Label" classification. I click on "No Label" and my torrents return from their invisible state and show up on my list again. on "Hidden" a couple of times and see if they return.
  7. PS the 30-50 kb/s could mean that you have torrent with "No Labels" or "invisible" running. Go to the left summary column and find the "No Labels" sub-category and double click it. Any "invisible" torrents will reappear.
  8. I've got a suggestion. After, you select which torrents are "Finished" and which torrents are "Paused", go up to the top of the "Status" column and click it so that all the "Finished" and "Paused" are grouped together. Then shutdown. When you come back, you'll just highlite all the "Paused" by dragging your pointer over the affected torrents, and re-pause them or start them or whatever. All the paused will be grouped to gether so that 1 command will take care of all of them at once. I only have 2 torrents on board myself, so I can't test my suggestion, but I think it would work.
  9. I just answered another question which may have been the right answer for you as well...if I had thought of it. Your torrents may have disappeared in the 1st place, not because they were deleted, but because they were hidden. If I had told you to click on the "Labels" category in the Summary column and the double-click on the "No Labels" sub-category, your torrents might have just magically reappeared...they still might. But doing that now might make everything worse, because you'll have the old torrents and the new ones you added on your list and you would have to clean the replacements off. Might be a worse mess than you already have.
  10. I'm not really sure what you are talking about, but if you click on "Labels" in the "Summary" column on the left, they disappear. If you click on "Labels" again, a sub-category maybe "No Labels" will appear below the Labels category. If you double click on the "No Labels", your torrents will reappear. That is...If we're talking about the same thing?
  11. I have not found a way to issue the "Don't DL" command massively. You have the option of "not DLing" as the torrent enters the BT list, but once again it is a 1 by 1 procedure. And you would still have to DL at least 1 file out of every torrent, even if it was only a txt or jpg file. We're dealing with BT default here. No way to change without reprogramming BT. Add more space to system restore so that it will hold more older restore points. [That won't help you now...but in the future??] I still think that there is a way around, by making a copy of all the torrents in the BT folder in Application Data. Copying them to an outside folder. It would involve extra steps in loading new torrents into BT, but its either that or watching re-runs.
  12. When you installed BT 7.8 and prior, it installed in "Programs" AND "Administrator/All UsersApplication Data/Bit Torrent."(XP) WIN7 has a different path, but "Programs" is not the active BT Folder. The active BT folder is in Start/Users/Admin/Roaming/ApplicationData/Bittorrent[i'm doing this from a bad memory so don't quote me]. There are several App Data files so you'll have to find the right one. But that file is the "active" BT file...not the file in "programs". If you do a clean reinstall of BT, you have to delete ALL BT folders including the "hidden" one in the APP Data Folder. When you import a torrent, it goes into the BT folder in AppData[by default], not the BT in "Programs"[unless you changed the default location] All of this is in the main administrative section of Windows. PS be sure and open the folder in AppData, you should find a copy of every torrent you've ever downloaded in there, including the ones you thought were deleted.
  13. Sorry You just can "Stop" or "Pause" all 2500 from the left summary column. I'm using BT 7.7.2 and I'm assuming the mass command feature still exists on 7.8??? No...the changing from active to "skip" should be done on a one-by-one basis with your current torrents only. The other 2500 will remained "stopped". The bandwidth allocation down to 1% is because once stopped, all 2500 will begin to seed. With BT there is no way to stop them completely, so the next best thing would be to lower the bandwidth to 1% using the mass command feature by "right clicking" while the mouse cursor is in the left summary column field. Down to 25%, then 10%, then 5%, then 3% then 1%. ...Vuze is soo much easier, you just type 1% in and that's that. You know you could do this another way, by just downloading your torrents into a file in "My Docs" and then importing them into BT 1 by 1 as you add them to the list. Windows won't allow the same 2 torrents to be loaded into any file. It will ask if you want to "overwrite". I'm thinking the reason for the disappearance in the first place is that you caused BT to dump your torrents somehow. If you had a system to check the duplicity of a torrent BEFORE it reached BT, then you would never have to worry about an accidental "dumping" again. And a file in "My Doc" would be recoverable no matter how many updates you did.
  14. The system restore feature is done through Windows. Start/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore. You would have to "unhide" all hidden folders. You would do that by clicking the "Tools" dropdown menu in Explorer and selecting "Folder Options"[you can get to folder options through "Control Panel" as well. You would then select the "View" tab. You would check the "Show Hidden Folders" and uncheck the "Hide System Files" and click "Apply". Using Sys Restore will "hopefully" take your computer back the way it was before the torrents were missed. As far as commanding all the torrents at one time. You move the mouse cursor over into the blank area in the "Summary" area,[left side of the BT browser] then "right click". That should highlight all your torrents at the same time and show the menu too. You can adjust the "Bandwidth Allocation" from the summary location on the BT interface. Just keep the cursor in the "summary" area. You can issue all the menu commands to all the torrents at the same time from there. Of course doing that will affect your current running torrents as well, so you'll have to de-highlight those one-by-one and set those to the bandwidth you want them to have individually. But there will be far fewer "current" torrents to deal with than the 2700? past torrents.
  15. I'm assuming that you've tried "System Restore" to an earlier time? I don't be lieve you'll be able to do it that way[inserting finished files for other files. The chain has already been broken. It's BTs protection from someone introducing infected or corrupted files into a seeding upload. You could simulate the "finished" state by going into the files tab and allowing a small DL of .01%. Then right click for the menu and select "don't download" that would change the torrents status from "normal" to "skip". Any unfinished pieces would continue to DL until completion, but otherwise everything would stop. The torrent would then be in a "seeding" status, and the DLing would stop. You would then highlight the torrent and adjust the upload bandwidth allocation down to 1%. Basically you would have a "Finished" torrent, and would not be able to ever load the same torrent into your client again.