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  1. Has Pirate Bay made a complete change now to a pay only system ? I find I cant get hold of a torrent now, you seem to have to register and pay a small fee
  2. Hi, I ve downloaded a few torrents recently but nothing seems to be working I see downloads 0 maybe the odd 5 on uploads I notice that when I click on an entry a drop down list appears the .... update tracker is in feint letters.... ie not available somehow Im feeling a bit cut off just looked again........ download 0 upload 20 Of the 30 or so torrents I put on the list yesterday, some are very recent so they should be working In settings Ive got download limit as 999
  3. they dont seem to make it easy to fine good trackers, you d think that the software would automatically asign them to the file that you make a torrent for. In the end you are just sharing stuff, putting it up into orbit for anyone to download. the torrent, as far as I can figure is just an address..... exact instructions as to where your file is stored on your computor. The torrent sites can be a pain too, I have the feeling that if they dont particularly like the file or clip you are sharing, they just delete it on a whim
  4. Ive made torrents of about 4 vid files recently each vid was about 2 mins. I made a torrent with my bit torrent window, and also with bitlord I put the files up with extra torrent all seemed ok , but ... 4 weeks later, looking at the files in bitlord upload ... 0 download 0 I just wonder if the trackers are working oh this is so efin frustrating does anyone give a stuff ?
  5. I ve been using bitlord for quite a while now and find its working great. I can get on pirate back and Kick ass no prob and the magnet works fine Just got Girl on a motorbike movie .
  6. THANKS for the info, for proxy there is ..... none I have avast antivirus free version installed and do a full scan every tues. I do a scan with ... superantispyware free edition perhaps twice per week with Bit Lord now installed I have no probs getting pirate bay torrents, and theres even a seach inside the Bit Lord window where you can get torrents. So Ill prob keep using Bit Lord for the time being !
  7. Ive just installed Bitlord........ suddely I can get hold of pirate bay torrents.... thats progress !
  8. thanks for advce Harry in BTorrent preferences ..............enable DHT network is ticked enable UDP tracker support is ticked as to proxy, dont think Im on a proxy, as far as I know. Its another day, just been on pirate bay using fire fox browser, the magnets are nt working again. I cant seem to get the torrent any other way, I end up downloading some kind of application The only way Im managing to get the odd torrent is with Monova . org I hit the torrent in the list... then with luck I scroll down and see.... Download via Torrent... I hit that and a nice , round , old fashioned torrent appears in my documents, I hit that and the bit torrent software comes up and bingo, at last the torrent is home safe and secure. Another hit on a torrent in the Monova list might take me to a ...... join Usenet page, which probably requires cash somewhere down the line ? but for the moment I cant get hold of Pir Bay torrents, nor Kick A torrents. cant think why things should be this difficult !
  9. Hi, In the past couple of days I got about 30 torrents into bittorrent using the magnet in pirate bay. suddenly that magnet isnt working ! Any ideas to get it going again ?
  10. hi, just tried to send a torrent but a window came up, you dont have any valid trackers ! Is there anywhere I can cut and paste some current trackers ? thanks for advice.