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  1. Thank you! ヽ(*T∇T*)ノ I didn't do anything because I might do something wrong again.. it's okay noooow \(・ ∀・)人(T∇ T*)/ waaahh arigatou arigatou
  2. Hello! I am new here. Please be kind to me! Something happened and all my seeding torrents are lost in Bittorrent! I still have the files in my Downloads folder. But the torrents are gone in my BT! I am a BakaBT user and I need to seed the files.. How do I seed them without downloading them again and go back to zero? Is there any solution beside removing all the files and downloading them again to seed them again?? I am using a Mac. Please help meeeeeeeeeeee _: (´□`」 ∠):_