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  1. Windows 8.1 BitTorrent 7.9.2 Build 32241 When I click on the download link to a torrent file Bittorent doen't open and start downloading the file. I have to go into my browser's download folder and click on the link downloaded there to get Bittorent to open and start downloading. I notice this happened after the last update. I have checked the settings and found in Options > Perferences > UI settings a section that says "when addinf torrents" "Don't start downloading automaticly" I have this box unchecked. I have even checked it, closed the program, reopened it, unchecked the box and then tried to download a torrent and it is still not automaticly downloading the torrent. Any Ideas?
  2. MAR 24, 2014 | 04:46PM PDT Dan replied: We have confirmed that this is indeed a bug with our latest versions. Our engineers have pinpointed the issue and are working on a fix.Best Regards, Dan
  3. Same problem with BitTorrent Plus 7.9 Build 30661 I sent them another email on this problem.
  4. I got this in an email, We investigated this issue and were able to reproduce it. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. We will look in to fixing this as soon as possible. Thank you for our patience.
  5. When I start a download Bandwidth Allocation is defaulted to low and can't be set to high. If I set it to high it just sets itself to normal. How do I set the default to normal and how do I get it to take the change to high?
  6. There is a new build they just put out that fixes this problem. I just downloaded and installed it with no issues. It is BitTorrent Stable (7.8.2 build 30571)
  7. I have the latest version, when I checked for an update it confirmed it.
  8. I upgraded to BitTorrent Plus. everytime I open the program I see it doing a download in the lower left corner. It downloads to 100% and then i get an error pop up stating The install of C:\users\Appdata\roaming\BitTorrent\bitdefender.btinstall failed. (Signer Certificate mismatch) How do I fix this?
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