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  1. Okay. So, any solutions? Or ideas? I tried the peerblock. But I've never used it, and I'm not that much interested in a whole host of unnecessary reading, so I didn't read much into it, and it screwed up all my net connections. So any way to help?
  2. Okay, apparently. And please warn me if I'm stepping over boundaries in the forum. Apparently my bandwidth is shared. So even if I wanted to, I can apparently never utilize the full speed of my internet using a torrent program. That I'll only get fast downloads with direct downloads. Which would be fine, if it weren't such a hassle to find decent direct downloads in the first place. I attached images for my speedtest, and I'm asking. Please help me. I tried using a peerblocker. but that is fugging up everything, I mean. I just spent 150 bucks on this 75MB package, for the sole purpose of torrenting! and now I can't use it!
  3. No no, what I'm saying. Is that when I go to and download the 700MB image for the OS. That downloads in literally a matter of 3 - 4 minutes. When I download torrents from or anywhere, the speed in bittorrent is slowwwwww.
  4. Okay, so I recently changed my ISP and I got a new internet connect. The speed is 75 Mbps. My previous ISP the speed was 11Mbps. I was able to utilize that speed to the fullest, always got no less than 800 Kbps download sped. Now with this ISP. I'm yet to see my speed go past 300Kbps. But if I go to say ubuntu and download their 700MB file, it takes like 4 minutes. But all my torrents are horridly slow. I was just wondering why that was. Hoping someone out there can help me.