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  1. It says "Use of this client is not allowed on our tracker, please see http://bakabt.me/whitelist.php" Oh I think I get it. I went to that link and it said something about them supporting up until BitTorrent 7.8. It also doesn't support the latst uTorrent. Guess I'll have to find a download for an older version
  2. Hello, yesterday I started torrenting a file which managed to download up till around 77%. I then switched off my laptop and when I turned it back on, my BitTorrent was automatically updated to ver. 7.9.1 (build 30769) [32-bit]. I then realised that same torrent was stuck at 77% for a long time with "Finding peers stuck at 0.0% and Trackers status for DHT, Local Peer Discovery and Peer Exchange "Not Allowed" ". I tried deleting the download and restarting it but now it's just stuck at the beginning with the same status with the peers and trackers. How come the download suddenly got stuck after I got the new version of BitTorrent? Other torrents I tried downloading works perfectly though. Which is weird
  3. Anyone know how to disable the "New Bundle Available" notifications.. It's pretty damn annoying