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  1. Had a reply - basically, my vpn provider blocks all torrent traffic, legal or not.
  2. Hello! I am a new member and although I have been running Bittorrent for some time and am relatively familiar with it, I am not that knowledeable about the set up for vpns with Bittorrent, although I do properly understand how vpns work. My current set up is as Bittorrent recommends as given by the setup guide. I am running on fibre optic provided by Orange/EE. Without vpn on, I get download speeds of up to 5Mb/s and several hundred nodes connected. When I turn my vpn on, I get virtually no speed or connections through Bittorrent. On checking the settings by running the setup guide, it can't get a bandwidth reading - says "timed out.(10060)". Please could someone point out to me what I am doing wrong, or what I have missed doing to make this all work? I have made no changes to my Windows 7 OS at all or am running any software other than Bittorrent and the vpn provider's. Do I have to make changes to the OS or run other software? A nice simple web page explaining what you need to do would be great, but I couldn't find one! Perhaps I was searching incorrectly... Any help to get this sorted out will be gratefully received! TIA! Freezersarecool.