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  1. i get "windows ran out of memory. unable to allocate 52226546bytes" error from bitorrent, though RAM memory is more than 6 GB unused i often get error "windows ran out of memory. unable to allocate 52226546bytes" error from bittorrent though RAM memory is more than 6 GB unused, and bittorrent crashes . the same error also appears often while starting bittorrent and the app closes while starting ...even if i have only the bittorrent running,,,though in task manager more than 6GB of 12GB DDR3 ram is unused...the problem surfaced again after i downgraded from the latest version to version 9.5, when i could not start bittorrent with its latest version which i was using before using windows 10 x 64 with version 1709 on hp convertible 360 core i7 12 GB DDR3 RAM
  2. i am using bit torrent since 2 years, and its latest version since it was released about month ago , but since 9th of april , i am consistantly faced with the blue screen displaying error message DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (tcpip.sys), which comes at irregular time intervals after starting bittorrent the niroft blue screen viewer showed The error points to the tcpip6.sys (IPv6 driver) plz help to fix it
  3. lately blue screen appeared using bittorrent since last few weeks with displaying error DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (tcpip.sys). i got the ipv6 uninstalled, and no blue screen appeared and i can use bittorrent as usual. but i am worried that without ipv6 will bittorrent connect to less no of peers and seeders , or will not connect to those who use ipv6?
  4. hi, i am using bittorrent since 2 years by now. but i have noticed that although bittorrent is connected to those peers and seeders that have an "s" in their flags like DS, Ds ihxep, dsp etc as shown in the peers tab in bittorrent , but it does not download from them a thing. what is meaning of the flags shown against such peers , and how to download from them , as sometime they are the only peer or seeder available can anyone help?