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  1. ah yes and i am running 7.2 havent made any recent changes to any settings been working fine forever and now it just wont work.
  2. Ok so im currently attempting to download 3 files. i have 47 files ready to seed. two of my downloads have been completely inactive for over 30 minutes. (340 available seeds, 63 peers on one, (literally JUST turned to 318 peers...?remember, been completely inactive for 30 mins) and 216, 30 or the other download.) 0 active seeds and peers. one download IS downloading currently at about 6kb/s. 2 active seeds out of 3700 available, 5 active peers our of 7500. i know, lots of peers... Onto my seeding issue: 47 torrents ready to seed, no real activity. one or two are seeding between 0 and 3 kb/s every now and then, but are currently not at all active. seed has been forced. wtf is BT just not allowing any bandwith through? I have high speed internet and usually dl really fckin fast... somethins wrong and i want to fix it cus i need to share. should i just reinstall?
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