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  1. A question; have you ever gotten bitTorrent to work with your current internet provider and setup? I started having the same problem about a week ago. It started when, after continuous problems with my Frontier service cutting on and off, I found the problem was with the firmware on my router (the issue with bitTorrent was NOT with any firmware, so please don't run off and update your firmware). After thinking about it for a while, I remembered I previously (several years ago) had an issue where bittorrent would not connect because my router's firewall was turned on. So I went to my router's webpage and, sure enough, the firmware upgrade had turned my router's firewall on. After turning it off my BitTorrent instantly started working. If you have never gotten BitTorrent to work with your current setup or had any changes done with your router I would suggest looking into whether you router's firewall is turned on. A quick web search on turning off your router's firewall (or the more advanced route of adding exception to your router's firewall) should produce several guides on how to do it. Remember you are only turning off your router's firewall and your computer's firewall should remain on.