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  1. I have downloaded bittorrent from here: http://www.bittorrent.com/intl/it/downloads/win I have alredy tryed to uninstall and reinstall but nothing... If i open the html file, the link that compear on the browser is only the dyrectory of temporary files, like this: file:///C:/Users/Marco/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/Content.IE5/VLNU063V/blank%5B1%5D.htm And now i have another problem...with that download compear another file (bundle_tab[1].txt)!!! Please someone hel me xD EDIT: if i try to kill the process of the html files, it is a bittorrent process
  2. Yes, i can, but i want to avoid this message because it often appears and it is really annoing....
  3. Hello, this is my first message on this forum and i hope that you can help me I have this problem... I have alredy tried to uninstall bittorrent, clean register and useless files whit ccleaner, reboot, reinstall bittorrent but nothing, i have searched on the web but i have not found answers... Someone can help me? maybe someon have the same problem...really thank you to all!! EDIT: i use version BitTorrent Stable (7.9.2 build 33498)
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