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  1. BitTorrent sometimes forget that I set the window size. When I open the program, the window size is not as I adjusted. In options, the only thing checked is the option to "Show toolbar." This seems to me something random as it happens when I open the program by clicking on the link, or when the program opens when I click on a magnetic link.
  2. The bandwidth control takes effect only after the BitTorrent restarts. When I put the download limit, the application only limits the speed of the download after I restart the app. In previous versions it worked perfectly without the need to restart BitTorrent. Another thing I miss is the ability to start and pause the download direct from the toolbar. In anteriorer versions existed the option to pause and restart the download direct from the toolbar, now there is only the option to start (or continue the download). To pause the download of a file need to click right on top of it and then put the download to pause. This is not so practical. Sorry for my bad English.