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  1. Oh now I know what you mean, and it solved my problem. For some reason 'Create Subfolder' wasn't checked. Thanks!
  2. General - http://puu.sh/gFrFz/b3cf99c67c.png UI - http://puu.sh/gFrAm/1a1d5a9da1.png Directories - http://puu.sh/gFrBN/3c79181556.png Connection - http://puu.sh/gFrBN/3c79181556.png Bandwidth - http://puu.sh/gFrH1/f58af4a5ac.png BitTorrent - http://puu.sh/gFrJp/fc35fbdcdc.png And a screenshot of the add new torrent dialog, I don't know what you mean by that, I always just download a .torrent file, then double click it, then it opens in BitTorrent and starts downloading.
  3. No, they're all new, and I have it with every torrent i download.
  4. BitTorrent doesn't make a new folder for a new torrent, for example if I download an album with 10 songs, it wont make a folder with the album title and put the songs inside. Instead, everything that should be inside the folder will just be put in my downloads folder. Anyone knows how to fix this?