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  1. Thanks. The upload speed did shoot up earlier today, but now it's back its usual low. One more unrelated question. Why do some downloads that I've already finished still show download speeds? For example I currently have a finished torrent in my list that shows a down speed of 0.2 kB/s.
  2. I just download them from websites. Didn't even know what private trackers were, but after looking it up on Google, I'm pretty sure I don't use them. edit: Never mind. Some of them are private trackers.
  3. Why are my upload speeds often not even exceeding the 10 KB/s? I want to share torrent files I've downloaded, but it's so slow. Any solutions?
  4. I have a torrent with a bunch of files in it, but I'd like it to download the files one by one instead of all at once. Is there an easy way of doing this without manually setting priorities?