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  1. hi How do i remove previous config. I've tried apt-get remove btsync, however when reinstalling it finds previous username. Cheers, Geoff
  2. Hi I am deploying 2.0.93 to OSMC (Debian Based) on Raspberry Pi 3. I'm trying to build a gold image, which i'll then use to 'image-out' multiple units. Obviously, i need a unique Sync username. I understand I'll need to uninstall (sudo apt-get remove btsync) then install (sudo apt-get install btsync) in order to have each device with a unique username, however once I reinstall i don't get the opportunity to reconfigure and therefore the reinstalled btsync pulls through my previously configured username. How do i remove the previous configuration / reenter configuration process? Cheers, Geoff. BTW: I'm just a newbie, and i know there are later versions of BT however I like the low CPU usage and (relatively) easy install process of following above procedure.