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  1. Does it only do that when a tracker is broken? Because none of my trackers looked broken but one of my torrents had a red status bar.
  2. Why is that peer at 0%? Is that some kind of error?
  3. I think I fixed the problem. The directory was apparently wrong.
  4. I clicked Force Recheck and it keeps stopping at 62.7%. It fully checks one file but only partially checks the second file and then stops at that number every time.
  5. I opened Bittorrent and everything was gone. How do I fix this and make sure it never happens again as well?
  6. I only downloaded certain parts of the torrent that I needed. Would that be the problem?
  7. But I'm seeding. Initial-seeding to be exact.
  8. Part of the Availability bar for one of my Torrents is red. The rest of it is green. I have deleted all trackers and DHT, Local Peer Discovery, and Peer Exchange is all that's left.
  9. I have over 100 peers in my swarm but my upload speed is very low and then sometimes it stops all together. What gives? Could it have something to do with the Proxy I'm using? I wish there was a way I could connect to people with better upload speeds. I turned the Proxy off and it's still going slow. Some of my trackers have HTTP Errors, like HTTP Error 502 and 404. Is there any way to fix them? Some of them even say the connection is timed out.
  10. Yes. I had over 100 peers but my upload speed was slow to nonexistent. It seems to have changed now. I also changed the proxy a while ago. Some of my trackers seem to be stuck updating.