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  1. it was not really the direct client i was looking for more off an way to stream vidoe with in the brower or software they could download while still keeping it private for only my paying members ? bit like the sort off thing viemo dose i guss but running it all my self with bittorrent
  2. hi no know replys is this not somting you do with bittorrent ?
  3. hi i am starting an online course where i am going to be using an lot off vidoe and i was wondering if it would be possable to use bitotrrent to help me stream the movies to save moeny on bandwidth i have been looking at services like viemo amzon as3 but they going to get pricey quick for what i want as there just going to be so much video in this course. what i was planing on doing is having an few cheap vps severs as well as an few local computers to host the content and have them on all the time so the content will all ways be online and ready to be shared but when an user plays the content they also share the parts they have all ready downloaded or somting like that but the problem lies is it be on an membership only site so will need to work on mobile phones and all computers is there anyway two do this with bittorrent or any other p2p sytem ? hope i made my self clear