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  1. Hi the other day; I started too work on a standalone tracker API... This is running on http://tracker.labs.coop and you can download the sourceforge.net code from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/chronolabsapis/files/labs.coop/tracker/ The tracker mounts on the fly the torrent; but I want to treat this state as a magnetic link typal and dial the torrent meta information in PHP via socket calls and using the benc libraries to interface. I can find very little online for the data I need what are the socket calls for the magnetic link type senerio; what I am going to do is download when a torrent mounts itself with a cron job the meta information for the torrent, such as files and trackers loaded into it. The Tracker API has a peering system; so it internally shares peers so the API will with the meta information get peers off other trackers as well for the torrent by placing socket calls or cURL them and decoding the benc dictionary. I wrote a version of TBDev for XOOPS you can get that of the standard chronolabs sourceforge project; it is with smarty templates and has a few extra features but i want to make this tracker a standalone... If one of the developers from bit torrent could get on contact with me on skype: antony.cipher I would love a code snippet for the magnetic link meta digest... This is an open source project!!