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  1. https://torrentfreak.com/bittorrent-and-mpaa-join-forces/ heroes proof, you can literally just google Bittorent mpaa and find easily six websites proving it, stop using bittorent, I shouldn't have to cite sources when you can google two words and find many credible sources. Your sheep and when you get arrested that's your own fault for being ignorant
  2. Bittrorent is working with the MPAA and are tracking everyone who uses it and plans to arrest every single person using it for torrenting which is the only thing its used for! the mpaa monitor literally everything you do and are already arresting people by the thousands because bittorent as a whole does not care for its people and are using you as a paycheck STOP USING ALL BITTORENT CLIENTS AND SERVICES they have not posted anything about this but you can find real legit proof on the matter simply by going to ANY search engine and typing in bittorrent mpaa and your first link should be of how bittorent works with the motion pictures association of america because they are worthless scumbags who dont care about their own fucking supporters like you and i, this will probably be deleted which is why im taking a picture of this exact post right now and posting it on every site i know to get EVERYONES attention to this subject, deleting this post will only prove me right. every one stop buying into bittorrent bull shit and DEMAND they be tooken down.
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