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  1. Okay I found the part i was doing wrong. I dont know if it was the version of BitTorrent or the update of nyaa but I forgot the s for https :/. So I would say sorry for my stupid question.
  2. Hi guys, As you can read in the Tittel my RSS Feeds dont work or update anymore even if I press update. I was on Vacation the last 3 weeks uptil October 22nd. So I started Bittorent and got the newst update. And even after a complete reinstall it will not work. So I'm running on Win10 got version 7.9.9 (build 42607) of Bitttorent and runing Avira for antivirus. I hope tahts all Information you need and taht you can help me. PS tahts one of my rss feeds: Pleas delte one of the doppelt posted Topics thx xD