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  1. I have an up to date Axon 7 and my torrents are being the phone itself! I cannot seem to get any higher than 150kb/s. This happens consistently on all networks I connect to. When I had a ROM installed for a while, the problem was gone. I don't want to deal with a ROM again. Any ideas what would cause this is or how to fix it????
  2. When I first install BitTorrent Pro, the app downloads magnet links quick and downloads at normal network speeds. After the first couple of downloads, the app struggles to get magnet links and if i direct download the torrent, then the download speed for all torrents is less than 1kb/s. This behavior happens on every wifi network and even 4g lte. I have a stock Axon 7 with Android 7.1.1. Any ideal what is going on? Thanks!