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  1. Ok, not to such a newbie, remove it in BT, but then will BT know if I try to download the same torrent ?
  2. I have 91 files, I did what you suggested, I see no change in the error. Does this take some time? I closed and re-opened BT to refresh, same screen as original submission. Please advise when you can.
  3. I am running Bittorrent 7.10 build 43917. Two week ago I had a problem where BT would not see the D drive on my system and said something to the effect of volume not mountable. Although the drive was mountable and I could see the files, BT would not download anything. After several reboots I thought this issue was resolved. Tonight I get Error: Can't open torrent file: path and file name. I am fairly new at this BT thing but know systems. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have attached a screen shot. Thanks in advance.